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Posted by on Dec 25, 2012 in Gadgets |

BlackBerry N-Series, the first filtering BB10 with keyboard

BlackBerry N-Series, the first filtering BB10 with keyboard

RIM has us eagerly awaiting what will be his next major update of terminals and its mobile operating system, is that BlackBerry 10 OS, better known as BB10, brings to the company a major facelift, a completely new user interface and a way to implement multitasking certainly enviable and other features that seek to exploit one thing: the boom of touch screens on the market, in order to compete with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8 promising.

Although I knew the BlackBerry L-Series , which promises to be the first smartphone from and certainly reminiscent terminals with touch screens that can be found today (though with a different design and very attractive), this does not mean that Canadians will forget his faithful audience, the lovers of smartphones with physical QWERTY keyboards, and for them, are preparing the N-Series BlackBerry.

Today on the web what would have appeared the first real photos of this BlackBerry N-Series, from the front and the back, showing a phone that keeps the line from the previous Bold models of the house, but with a prominent display and almost no bezel, to get all that space above the QWERTY keyboard that many users love.

Besides the keyboard but also reminds us of a Bold 9900, the BlackBerry N-Series is fully aligned keys horizontally, unlike the current high-end model of RIM.

Certainly Thorsten Heins and Research in Motion have big plans for this year 2013 and BB10, his renewed application store and new smartphones to market planning, are their weapons for this uphill battle that currently exists in the mobile market.

BlackBerry N-Series, the first filtering BB10 with keyboard image 2

We will have to wait until next January 30, the day that RIM will present BlackBerry 10 at simultaneous events around the top and around the world to meet these BlackBerry N-Series and L-Series so much promise.

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