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Posted by on Nov 10, 2012 in Hardware |

Bladeless Exhale: the first ceiling fan without blades

Bladeless Exhale: the first ceiling fan without blades

We present the Bladeless Exhale , the first world’s bladeless fan. Nik Hiner Its creator was inspired by Tesla to bring this fan whose design and operation is more efficient than a traditional fan.

The Bladeless works without blades and is the first in the world to be this way. Has been developed by Nik Hiner with the help of Richard Halsall. How to move the air then? Its operation is based on the principle of laminar flow . The flat discs rotate and that makes the particles to rise through the vortex air and move smoothly and equally to all the walls. Then air them down to the ground and turns back to find the vortex so the circle is complete. Thanks to this air circulates around the room in a more equitable manner. Furthermore, the fan is constructed with a DC motor which is designed to be very silent, up to 50% more efficient than traditional engines and has adjustable speeds to 6 with a remote control.

The only traditional fans push air downwards creating areas where they can be very cool (just below) but leaving others where their action is not noticeable. Nik Hiner set out to change a model that had not changed in 100 years and for that wanted to rethink from scratch as the fans work. His inspiration came when he studied the Tesla turbine , which works without blades.

Bladeless Exhale: the first ceiling fan without blades image 2

And again we return to IndieGoGo because their creators have begun a campaign to raise $ 35,000 to finish used to finish off the final touches such as packaging, the texture of the materials and the production process. So far we are almost in half and we have 30 days so hopefully they get them. For $ 250, 50% of the market sales price, you can get one of these fans.

Finally remark a few clarifying notes in its FAQ. In the video below the fan seems to have a movement has is shaky. That’s because the discs was perfectly aligned since the first prototype but the final model will no tremor whatsoever. And answer the question of whether it is the Dyson Air Multiplier bladeless fan first. The Air Multiplier does have blades, hidden in the base and suck the air at full power to distribute it around the circle.

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