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Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Mac OS X |

Blue Butler, automate tasks on your Mac via Bluetooth

Blue Butler, automate tasks on your Mac via Bluetooth

Mac wizards are many, thanks to the popularity of the new Mac App Store. With thousands of applications to choose from, we often have difficulty emerging from the first pages of recommendations. This is how we ended up with products that may not be the best but have an interesting marketing strategy, such as MacKeeper . An assistant worthwhile for OS X is Blue Butler , a fantastic tool to have our Mac just about to get home.

is an automation tool per se. What it does is “order” your Mac to perform certain tasks when another device is in the range of specific space (set by Bluetooth). For example, we ask you to open a certain file work well when we sit on the desktop and have everything ready to go. We can also make iTunes start playing a song to get into music just step on the evening home.

Although a payment application does not have the usual restrictions that have the Mac apps, such as the number of devices. You can connect multiple devices at once and custom configure their Mac to respond differently, for example, when in the proximity of an iPhone or an iPhone.

In addition, through the use of Blue Butler AppleScript allows a series of automated actions to save time. You need to have a knowledge of AppleScript to really take full Blue Butler, but for the most basic functionality mentioned above, the program has a wizard that it sets up everything for us. Of course, if we have knowledge we can completely remove the juice. It costs U $1, 99 in the Mac App Store .

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