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BookReader, an electronic book reader for Windows 8

BookReader, an electronic book reader for Windows 8

It has been almost two weeks since is lanzase the market, a fact that we have used to talk about some interesting applications to install this new version of the Microsoft operating system or some aspects to consider to tackling updating our system. After upgrading to Windows 8, one of the next steps to consider is the location and installation of applications (among which we find BookReader , e-book reader for Windows 8 and Windows RT.

The application, from the point of view of use, it is very easy to use and offers users an interesting combination of options to customize the interface and make reading from the PC is something comfortable. BookReader is an eBook reader format ePUB with whom also we can manage our library of books (besides being able to open and read from the computer without requiring, for example, some browser extension). The issue of centralized management is interesting because, as we proceed in the use, we can work with our book collection in one place, we can create groups of books (associating, for example, the same subject), access to books We have recently used a very fast way.

As a book reader or a tablet, you will have the ability to control the font size (to make reading more comfortable) and play with the contrast of the screen by using any of the three types of options available (day , night and indoor). On the other hand, we can browse the books, for example, using the index chapters with which we can move forward “leapfrog”. Furthermore, with this application we can make a nod to Metro interface and carry the books home screen you want, ie create a shortcut to these (and application) quickly.

An interesting option to convert Windows 8 on a resource that will help us cultivate the joy of reading (although, of course, free is offset by occasional banner ad).

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