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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Technology |

Boston Dynamics AlphaDog shows prepared to follow a human leader

With you the latest released by Boston Dynamics roboticists. This is the AlphaDog, the “mule” robotics developed in conjunction with for future military applications. A robot now has the ability to follow a human leader adding more speed on the field.

AlphaDog passes for a quadruped robot that we have shown on more than one occasion in ALT1040. A sign of progress is expected to implement the military service in the near future. A technology under the LS3 system, Legged Squad Support, where DARPA has tried to explain their evolution:

The program’s goal is to demonstrate that a LS3 robot can move autonomously with a team through rough terrain and can even interpret verbal and visual commands. We have also reduced levels of noise in the robots. LS3 is now up to 10 times quieter than the first prototype, so squad members can have a conversation next door, something certainly difficult in the beginning.

Along with these improvements have increased their ability to move at a trot on hard ground and rocky terrain just as easily in your career transition or on flat, showing great versatility to accompany units in various fields.

The AlphaDog will become the future of the Marine Corps United States.

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