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Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Bottom of the major social networks quickly and easily

Bottom of the major social networks quickly and easily

Social networking is one of the most used services on the Internet today, and almost every middle-aged person has an account on networks like Facebook. The fact that more and more people are those who choose to try just for pushing others are reluctant initially and then may end up hooked.

Have we never heard of it … Do not have a account? …? It is very possible that we have been us who we formulate the question, and probably at some point we thought of giving us low, which is not the largest social network on the net, but in others like or Google+, for example. The press and the media tend to make alarmist analysis of the same, and if it is true that you have to post with caution and always make responsible use, be on the major social networks need not be a bad thing.

If we are tired or for some reason have decided that we want to continue in the same, I have prepared a note with shortcuts to the elimination of our own in five major social networks and services today.


Bottom of the major social networks quickly and easily image 2

Log out of Facebook is not as difficult as it seems, or at least their creators did not put it that way. The real difficulty is to decide whether to remove it or not, as they surely have a lot of contacts and personal material in the same-both reasons are bringing you this post.

Keep in mind that once we decided to press the off button, we can not turn back, losing all the content and information that we added. This results in friends, photos, messages, and other publications in the largest social network in the world. Too drastic? Well, if we think about it, we also have the option to disable our account rather than deleting. This will keep all the data but no one can access them.

The following is the final option, so think about it twice because it is an irreversible step:

Low permantente on Facebook


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Reading a bit low conditions, we realize that deleted tweet is simple, but must take into account the following. For starters, the low is not instantaneous. reserves the right to withhold our data for 30 days before they are permanently deleted, ie, we have a month to think of ourselves if we want to definitely disappear from Twitter, or not. After 30 days it will be impossible to recover the account.

If we want to open an account with the same user in the future, it is appropriate that we change , and record a new account in order to reserve it, but do not think this is what you want. To give low follow the link below:

Permanent Baja Twitter


Bottom of the major social networks quickly and easily image 4

If Facebook and Twitter have been easy to give us low, with is no exception. At first there was considerable criticism about what could be intrusive social layer to Google, is that as soon as we register an account or login first initiated through a terminal Android, we are given the option to create an account Google+ with a single click. Fortunately give low is also very simple step that we access through the account settings.

Once there, we have two options: Delete our Google+ or delete data in the complete data Google profile, which are none other than the basic data that the Mountain View have over us. Therefore chose the first option, assuming we want to preserve our Google account and keep our information on it.

Once we remove content from Google+, lose the circles created, our comments and the content we have posted on our account so permanentnte, so, again, if you want it pensaros:

Permanent Baja Google+


Bottom of the major social networks quickly and easily image 5

is one of the most popular social networks, and also a service that works great because it does not try to compete with other Facebook type: Focuses on the user’s location.

To unsubscribe simply log into our account from a web browser and access the privacy settings. Once there find the link to terminate the account, which we offer below. Of course, again be a permanent step that we can not undo, so once you press the off button lose all our contacts and our history of check-ins, badges, etc.

I personally had a bad experience with the service, and although it should always be used, I will revert to repeat: Try to share your check-ins only people who know, because this service to your contacts indicates where you are, who you are and where you are , with all your personal security problems this could lead if the information falls into the wrong hands:

Permanent Baja Foursquare


Bottom of the major social networks quickly and easily image 6

Last entry on this list but no less important, nor the last of the social networks. Tuenti is a social network popular in Spain, which even has its own mobile operator. It has seemed good to include it because it mostly used by young people who may wish to unsubscribe at any one time.

Doing so is very simple, and not far from how we do in other social networks. In addition, we are also given the option to temporarily or permanently disable it. For the former, simply visit our account preferences, and there look for the option to disable the profile.

If we are completely sure they want to get rid of the Myspace profile, a step that will lose permanent posts, comments and photos uploaded, you can simply follow the link below:

Permanent Baja Tuenti

Summary and conclusions

Please note, these links take you directly to the pages of low and / or deactivation of the major social networks. Depending on the conditions that we have told you above, you can step back and recover them, or not, so you must be absolutely sure before you do. If so, and you wish to give to get off at the main social networks finally, here is the quickest way to do it:

We’re out of social networks, and surely our productivity levels catapulted to look like you were before joining these services.

However, we must keep in mind one thing. If the reasons cited for leaving social networks was the disappearance of our information on the Internet, we have not yet achieved, is that public data are available to the spiders of search engines like Google. If, for example, our timeline of Twitter was public, surely we can find our posts on Google by entering the username as a search term. In most cases it will be a lesser evil, but we can always get in touch with the finder turn to try to fix it.

As a friend once said, what you write on the Internet stays on the Internet, and no reason was missing, so as better safe than sorry, if you decided not to cancel your accounts in major social networks, make good use them. At the end of the day, can be a great tool to communicate face or other purposes.

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