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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Hardware |

Bounce: a ball with cameras to monitor risk situations

Bounce: a ball with cameras to monitor risk situations

Bounce Imaging, a company in Boston, USA, has developed the Bounce , a ball with cameras that would provide information on dangerous locations without risking anyone’s life. The idea came when the Haiti earthquake of 2010 was the need for a recognition element that could be used in the ruins of buildings.

The Bounce is a ball that has six cameras with wide angle lens and accompanying LED lights and a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a microprocessor. Because yes, unlike reconnaissance robots used in cases of emergency, the lets be thrown into a burning room or stuck in the ruins of a collapsed building. It is also a much faster and cheaper since it is estimated that each ball home can cost about $ 500 each. With mass production the price would have to fall.

The Bounce works throwing and the cameras take photos at a rate of two per second while the ball rolls across the floor. These images come together to pierce a 360 degrees and is transmitted by wireless connection to a smartphone or laptop located outside. The gyroscope and accelerometer to help you determine Bounce representing each photo so you can know where each is located. This is something that when done only via software was difficult to attain.

Depending will use different versions of the ball equipped with various sensors. The version will come with fire sensors smoke, alcohol and oxygen, the Homeland Security of the United States will come with a Geiger counter and detector NRBC (nuclear, radioactive, biological and chemical). The search and rescue model will come with vibration sensors and digital microphones.

The product is still a prototype but Bounce Imaging expect the final product to be tested by SWAT teams in January.