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Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Internet |

Bruce Willis and the “right” to transfer your iTunes library to your children

The actor seems to be considering the idea take to court . The reason the defense of Willis to leave their large digital collection in downloaded to your family once died. A giant battle over who owns the downloaded songs on iTunes.

And although many do not know, according to the terms of service that we accept, once we die collection again becomes Apple’s property. A situation that places the purchase in a “loan” under license.

This situation discovered by the famous actor has led him to consider taking legal action against the technology giant as it seeks to give his collection to his daughters. A battle that has actually become somewhat difficult for Willis.

The idea of Willis is clear. Just as your physical music collection can be transferred to family members, the large collection of digital music you purchased on iTunes legitimately should also be possible.

However the terms of service on iTunes are clear. The music we bought and downloaded can not be passed to another person. It is while we are in our life, then its owner will again Apple.

Not only that, in the terms indicated the possibility of freezing an iTunes account if you believe that music is happening to other people, similar to what happens with downloads of digital books as Amazon’s Kindle.

Willis seems to have two ways to start this battle. For one thing, the only face against Apple (and the difficulties of carrying out legal action of this caliber), trying to establish a valid title to their children about their downloaded music.

In addition, join and support the ongoing legal action in five U.S. states to grant rights to users who buy digital music that can do with it what they want.

If successful, the struggle of Willis not only benefit their children, but millions of people who bought into the popular music service Apple.

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