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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Science |

Buddhist statue found by the Nazis came from space

Buddhist statue found by the Nazis came from space

The statue known as Iron Man, a sculpture of 24 inches representing the god Vaisravana and Tibet was stolen by the Nazis, has been analyzed by a team of researchers. The result, the statue was formed from a meteorite that fell on the border between Russia and Mongolia between 10,000 and 20,000 years ago.

This has been reflected in the journal Metoritics & Planetary Science. The team reports that after analyzing the elements iron, nickel, cobalt and traces of a sample of the statue next to their structure, they found that the geochemistry of the figure contains the known values from Chinga meteorite. Today and after analysis, Iron Man could be the third largest known piece after the arrival of the meteorite to Earth.

According Elmar Buchner, University of Stuttgart and one of the principal investigators:

Given the extreme hardness of the meteorite, basically an unsuitable material for the production of sculptures, the artist or artists who created it could have known that their material was special. The exact origin and age of the statue remains unknown.

Researchers believe that the statue was carried by an expedition Nazi Germany between 1938-1939. The swastika symbol in the piece could be the reason why she was taken. According Buchner:

We believe this individual meteorite collected many centuries before. The statue of Iron Man is the only known example of a human figure engraved on a meteorite.

Still, meteorites have also been used by many religions in the world. An example is the meteorite Wilamette, a piece of 15 U.S. tons sacred to many Native Americans.

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