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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Mobile, Web 2.0 |

Bump, share photos magically between the mobile and the computer

Bump, share photos magically between the mobile and the computer

There are many ways to share photos from a mobile phone and a computer, but until now did not know any that worked literally hitting devices in between. There are sudden shocks or anything probably imagined, the idea is not to end with a broken phone or a keyboard, but it’s basically how it works Bump .

As we can see in the Video demo, simply download Bump in our mobile phone, either iPhone or Android , open the application, select the photos you want to share, and while maintaining the website open the computer browser, we hit the phone against the keyboard space bar and as if by magic, the photos will be available on our desktop.

For his performance, authorize requires the browser to share our location, just as you must activate the GPS on mobile. This is where the secret of the application, as the devices hit each other, it sends information about the location and pairing is done between them.

A point in favor of the application is the speed at which images are transmitted, because everything happens almost automatically, although the rate may vary according to the amount of photos you are going to transfer. Once the photos are in our browser can download or share them via a link.

In addition to transfer images from the phone to the computer, you can share applications and contacts between two mobile phones, which, besides being interesting, it is helpful in sharing this information with our friends.

For those concerned about privacy, it’s worth noting that all data transmitted via Bump, encrypted. For any questions about it can read the privacy policies of service .

Before closing, I want to clarify that really do not need to hit the devices, though the video shows otherwise. On the keyboard just press the space key as normal, while the mobile will suffice a little shake (until you feel a slight vibration) to activate and send a signal to the location.

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