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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Internet |

Busy Flow, sync all your apps in the cloud in one place

Busy Flow, sync all your apps in the cloud in one place

With the advent of cloud applications, we suddenly found ourselves with a handful of useful tools that we can implement in our daily work. From to Dropbox, we may use many of these services separately. An excellent application to join them is Busy Flow , which allows us to synchronize in one place and use these services collaboratively with other members of our team.

is a good way to centralize your files and applications to avoid having to run different instances of different apps at the same time, working on one project. The application works through the creation of Hives or “hives” where we are adding our services and then invite colleagues to participate. Some applications are supported by Google Docs Busy Flow, Pivotal, Google Calendar, GitHub and Dropbox, and soon added other very important as Basecamp and Evernote.

With a clear, clean interface, Busy Flow is also very simple to use. First we have to proceed with the creation of a Hive, giving name and clicking the Create button. Then come to a screen where you are prompted to add the services that we associate with Busy Flow. When you select Google Drive, for example, we have the freedom to only sync certain folders, rather than our entire account. This gives us the possibility to further separate the work, to be more productive, and not give you access to the files to people who should not have it.

The synchronization is also very simple. Busy Flow will lead to a separate window where we have to allow the application access to our Dropbox account, and again, as with Google Docs, we can only select a folder to be accessible by the application. Finally, we also tested syncing with Google Calendar, which also lets you select between different calendars you have enabled.

Once we finished adding applications, you can click on the name of the Hive on the left sidebar. There will be taken to a sort of newsfeed which will be published the news of the actions we take within Busy Flow. To add more members to Busy Flow, find a box on the right sidebar where you can enter the emails of the people we invite. In the same sidebar widgets can find the Calendar and Docs.

Busy Flow, sync all your apps in the cloud in one place image 2

In the same sidebar we can find a series of tabs at the top. You can access Dropbox, or other service without seeing the other as a widget on the sidebar, you can click there. When we do, we will access the same files sidebar.

Busy Flow, sync all your apps in the cloud in one place image 3

Another part that is important to note is Busy social functioning Flow. Of course, we have a collaborative service, we should be able to communicate with our peers. For that, we have different types of publications. One is honeyed, which allows us to highlight a particular post that we find interesting. But we can also create discussions, and from the same screen to send files and other things to the services that we sync.

Finally, one of the most prominent features is the ability to create events via the top status bar:

Busy Flow, sync all your apps in the cloud in one place image 4

Busy Flow is already a great application and very simple to use. Once you add more services like Basecamp, Box and Evernote app will be a caring and a very powerful tool. With the ability to have everything in one place, is something like the Facebook of work.

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