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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Books, Internet |

California passes bill to enable students to download textbooks for free

California passes bill to enable students to download textbooks for free

A big step with a basic idea, take advantage of new technologies and the Internet as a unique form of education. Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill which proposes the creation of a website that allows students to download digital versions of for free .

The new legislation would include two bills. On the one hand, the proposal for the state to finance a series of digital textbooks open source, all aimed at the lower grades and produced by the University of California. These books can be downloaded by students for free.

The second project would have a proposal to create the website known as California Digital Library, where books would welcome all these schools.

A revolutionary idea where commitment to online education. The digital textbooks are created and monitored by a group of university professors.

A proposal emerged to ease the financial burden of students with rising tuition rates this year in California. And according to Darrell Steinberg, one of the authors of the bill:

Many students are paying over $ 1,000 each year for their textbooks, they sometimes have to choose between buying the books they need or pay for food and other expenses.

It will also be an experiment that could join other states in the country. All eBooks are licensed under Creative Commons and allow others to use university professors.

becomes a state where education is committed via the Internet and open source, while encouraging the use of new digital channels instead of bulky textbooks and often expensive.

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