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Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Internet |

Canal+ and CINESA YOMVI offer flat rate movies and series via Internet

Laws such as the French HADOPI , the Sinde Law in Spain or fortunately failed SOPA U.S. have shown how the pressures of the content industry (producers, labels, etc.) can be realized in legislation as they seek protectionism model archaic business. One argument that has always been used as a standard is that, in the XXI century, the Internet rather than an enemy can be an ally for the content industry and can contribute to the distribution of songs or movies if they are distributed to reasonable price. Services like Netflix and Spotify have used the network in their favor and are favored by a number of users, a range of services and content that can not always find in Spain to an equally attractive price. Some platforms pay TV offer video services on demand within their service offerings and, for example, Canal + was offering YOMVI where you could watch movies, documentaries, TV shows and football matches, a service that, according today announced it will be available outside this digital platform through an agreement with CINESA .

The idea, basically, may seem more or less similar to other alternatives on the market but the price itself may be a factor to consider as it is possible to subscribe for € 7.95 / month + VAT, ie , 9.62 € and access for a month and without permanence, movies, series, documentaries and CANAL +2 channel access over the Internet. Football fans (which I am not) may be paid for 18 € per month to the parties of the Champions League and 8 games for each game of the season and, in the case of not wanting paid, pay only for the content are consumed (among the 2,000 titles that have advertised in the catalog, as discussed, long before other similar platforms). Thus, the user can see the latest not have enjoyed premieres in theaters and, unlike other services, complementing its leisure with the best football.

The service will be available from 15 November and, for now, will only be accessible via Web of CINESA (you can display content through the browser) but, perhaps, with time (as is the case with other services) Customers are released for mobile platforms. As usual in these cases, at first sight the offer seems too bad and, in the case of access to movies, documentaries and series, the price is quite competitive (if we consider some rental prices are handled in platforms existing network or pay TV services) but, really, having seen the performance of other services (and those who have failed to establish themselves in Spain as Netflix) better to be cautious with the level of expectations has .

For now, in addition to the announcement, the method of entering and price, little is known on the web as of CINESA (which incidentally is a film distributor) all we can find is a newsletter service which point us to receive news about the platform or subscribing to this since it appears that access to be made from this website.

Launching YOMVI so disengaged to Canal +, in my opinion, is a good way to promote access to the content offered Canal + without having to subscribe to a package of multiple channels, diversified customer base and, indeed, entering in a field (the range of services across the network) in which there is much to explore and in which, really, you can get to a service model in which supply and demand reach an understanding.

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