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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Internet, Web 2.0 |

Canubring: a network of contracts for shipments economic

Canubring: a network of contracts for shipments economic

In this world of immigrants and emigrants in which we live, especially between Latin America and Spain, many things we still have the other side. The need for migrants and their families to send and bring documents or products makes you spend a lot in package delivery, when on the other hand there are hundreds of travelers who fly daily with free space in your luggage.

What can connect these people to leverage resources and both are winners? The answer lies Canubring (from “Can you bring?, can you bring?), a project that wants to become a meeting point charges and commissions seeking to give guarantees in transactions.

How it works

If you and you have free space in your luggage, you sign up and upload travel data: date, type of transportation and what kind of service you can provide: space in your suitcase, carry a document space in the trunk of the car or buy a commission. When someone needs something from the contact that route, remember how much will be charged and delivery at destination.

If you need to send or bring a product or document: looking at the routes that are already loaded by cities and / or dates. When you find you can send a message to the user to contact him and make a deal.

also provides you with a reference price list for your orders, compared with the average prices of the major courier companies so you know how much you can save.

Most users are from Argentina (30%) and Chile (25%), together with the United States (20%) and Spain (15%). The rest is divided between more than 40 countries.

Security and guarantees

Customs regulations do not usually pose a problem, because according to Cussen Sebastian, CEO of Canubring, in most countries can enter a ‘new products’ to $ 300 without paying any taxes. Obviously it is recommended that users take something from another person that exceeds this value to make clear the payment of tariffs.

What if not met the terms of the agreement? Cussen reminds us that each user has a page with all the statistics of service usage, with evaluations and feedback from users who have made transactions. Any negative note plays very much against, and that trust is essential in this type of service.

In addition to giving advice and recommendations Canubring in the coming months include insurance for all orders and payments are made directly through the website Canubring, so be sure both the payment and delivery of the request.

How did

The idea came from a Canubring Chilean engineer who went to live in Spain and decided to create a website where shippers and encargadores could benefit each other. At first considered only Canubring air travel, but then added the possibility of land transport. In its first quarter exceeded 25,000 users in over 100 countries, and its objective is set to “have a flexible system of socialization among users, is something like LinkedIn or Airbnb, so that the issue of communication is much more fluid and there is more confidence, “explains Sebastian Cussen, its founder.

There currently are developing a mobile application for Android and iPhone OS, and creating a function for people traveling with excess can contact users who travel on the same flight. They also work to include a tracking system where shipments can be tracked in real time mobile GPS. The service will remain free until the end of the year, when they will begin to charge for shipping.

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