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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Economy and Business |

CFC fined for violating restrictions Televisa alliance with Iusacell

CFC fined for violating restrictions Televisa alliance with Iusacell

A couple of months ago I commented that given the endorsement of the Federal Competition Commission (CFC) to the alliance between and Iusacell. The network of Emilio Azcarraga showed interest in acquiring 50% of the telephone company, owned by Ricardo Salinas Pliego, owner of TV Azteca also. Due to the high risk of collusion to promote monopolistic practices, the case was in the hands of the FCC, who gave his approval with some conditions.

One of these warnings was that could not tell policy in your area with members of Grupo Televisa and Salinas involved in television services open or restricted. The lock was completely ignored by inviting Azcarraga Jean to join its board. The result was a fine of CFCs by 54 million pesos , with the possibility of a penalty up to 10% of the profits of the company.

Among the conditions that put the Iusacell also note that TV Azteca and Televisa can not condition their advertising rates to telecommunications services, or condition the purchase of services packages Iusacell other broadcasters. The warning of the Independent Counsel, in theory served to minimize the problems of conflict of interest, but with 1.6 billion dollars in the table (amount paid for their shares), seemed difficult Azcarraga was not involved.

The CFC continues very flexible when it comes to judging this alliance. Despite the history of Grupo Salinas and Televisa, was given a vote of confidence in the operation. Iusacell has disobeyed the first rule and economic punishment, despite strong play for the common user, not so much for the company . For an FCC commissioner, the decision was worth asking for the solution, but rejected others. Really believe that Iusacell will remain attached to the law? I doubt it.

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