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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Technology |

CHAMP: the missile that disables the electronic systems of entire buildings

CHAMP: the missile that disables the electronic systems of entire buildings

Under the acronym CHAMP (Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Project) hides a gun for the next wars the future holds, a missile remotely has the ability to paralyze electronic systems of an entire floor with some damage minimal side, while not affect the infrastructure of the buildings or the staff that is in them.

An effort whose first test was held on October 16 and has had researchers from and the U.S. Air Force as protagonists. That day first tested a missile capable of remotely vacate PCs and electronic systems of a space with a single burst of powerful radio waves, a microwave beam that could destroy the wiring of one or more buildings without hurting humans.

A test was carried out in the Utah desert. The missile successfully disabled your goal in a two-story building inside which were hundreds of computers and electronics. Each PC that was inside was extinguished in seconds as well as other electrical systems. A test according to the researchers, was a tremendous success not have visual evidence as CHAMP was also off the cameras that recorded the event. Later in the course of one hour, the missile electrical systems knocked seven buildings, all without loss or minimal collateral damage.

A technology whose future is not without controversy. It enhance the development of new technologies for those considered “electronic warfare”, the wars of the future, trying to get “” non-lethal. In the words of Keith Coleman, CHAMP program manager:

This technology marks a new era in modern warfare. In the near future, this technology could be used to make electronic systems and data from an enemy become useless, even before they reach the first troops or aircraft. We’ve got the science fiction science fact.

It is unclear whether Boeing missiles will be implemented in the short term even if we ignore the Coleman news, this is the first test of what may be the future of warfare.

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