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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Windows |

Changing application notifications in Windows 8

Changing application notifications in Windows 8

We continue with our cycle of tips on Windows 8 and a half months for it to be released. Many have tried, and many are enjoying it and thanks to the distribution of its RTM via MSDN or perhaps other forms. Anyway, the landing is imminent, and before giving a full review on it, saying that as long as I’ve been using has convinced me.

In previous episodes we have seen how to combine classic desktop and Metro interface , how to encrypt files and folders or even how to resolve the incompatibility of certain applications. NET . Today we will see how to change the of applications.

While Microsoft has wanted to focus on the new features of the new version for touch devices such as tablets, surely we must recognize that a majority of us use in desktop. Time will tell if we end up making a touch screen or even if we use it in those tablets. If you have not been given the case, maybe we jump notifications in various applications sites might be a bit annoying, and for that we write this entry.

If you want to get rid of them or adjust them to your liking just go to the options menu, displaying the Charms bar by placing the cursor in the right side corner of the screen. There will choose options, then the computer options. One of the menu items corresponds to notifications, and say that it is the equivalent of what is in the classic desktop notifications settings in the system tray. From here you can configure which applications have enabled notifications and what not. For example, if you have a Gmail and Outlook added to their applications and want to be notified only when between mail at this second, we can turn off notifications for Gmail.

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