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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Science |

Chilling breaks of Felix Baumgartner

Finally he did. Felix Baumgartner was launched on October 14, 2012 from over 39 miles high in freefall. Thereby broke three records. To get to perform this feat that had half the world in suspense, the Austrian had defied gravity in some prodigious leaps.

In 1999 broke the world record BASE jump from a building, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur
That same year he made the lowest BASE jump from him Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.

In 2003 he was the first to cross the English Channel in freefall equipped with a sophisticated wings that allowed him not only fall, but almost fly.

After jumping into a den of just over 200 meters deep and from a bridge ne France, jumped from the Torre Mayor in Mexico

In 2007 he threw himself from the world’s tallest building, the Taipei 101 Tower.

But this turned out to be small compared to the amazing jump from the stratosphere.

In his jump broke three records. The jump from higher altitudes, 38,900 meters. The manned balloon flight at higher altitudes, 39,045 meters. And broke the speed of sound reaching 1342 kilometers per hour.

In addition, dozens of TV around the world and more than 8 million views on YouTube.

The evening wore on Twitter entered placid while boiling. Over two hours of ascent that had its appeal as the capsule was surpassing heights. The Everest, in 8848 where he lives on the boundary of the troposphere, where oxygen is one third of the surface of the sea, where you can barely breathe. After surpassed the height of commercial airplanes. of drones and manned almost any gadget.

When he arrived at the agreed height, began the control sequence, required lest the pilot was crossing wires and forget something. And suddenly, the hatch opened. I felt a tremendous sense of fragility. Everything seemed canned, elemental. The hatch moved as if misfit. And man, that’s the end of the Felix Baumgartner, approached the platform. With their movements, did move the capsule and thereby increased the sense of fragility. He stood up, breathed and jumped. Just like that, like you’ll lanzarías from the springboard of a pool. If the atmosphere is very light, gravity is very powerful and he was gone in seconds.

We do not know exactly what happened, but the fact is that no record-breaking freefall. A few seconds earlier than expected, the parachute opened so that the record is held by Joseph Kittinger, who was in the control area and had been the mentor of the project. Kittinger had achieved his record in 1960!

It is said that Baumgartner opened the parachute to leave any record held by Kittinger. I doubt it. The first images from the camera opinion of Baumgartner seem to indicate otherwise. Everything revolves in a terrifying and I suspect Felix four minutes of descent were made centuries.

We are small and do great things. Up there, a little man showed us what we can do if we want to. By Bravo!

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