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Posted by on Dec 25, 2012 in Science |

China made 50 underwater exploration during 2013

China made 50 underwater exploration during 2013

While space exploration is usually occupy much of the media attention and is the most striking of the public, on Earth also develop scientific projects seeking to collect data and explore areas where man has just arrived and, therefore still subject to considerable uncertainties. The depths of the sea, for example, are still a challenge for scientists and apparently, China is willing to reveal them as it has been proposed to increase the provision of underwater exploration and reach 50 expeditions during 2013.

has proposed to gather a team of 6 people (2 women) with the idea of increasing the number of scans performed using underwater Jiaolong ship. This has become one of the “champions” of China’s submarine activities since, during the month of June, reached a record depth (with a dive of 7,062 meters) on a scouting mission in Trench the Marianas (which is the deepest place of the earth’s crust).

While the announcement was made public by the Chinese authorities themselves, the current information is not extensive and too many details were not disclosed, except the odd detail that the requirements for female crew will be more stringent than those of their male (although in both cases appears to ask certain skills and psychological pressure resistance).

Logically, these underwater explorations, and the scientific and technical challenge, enclose economic interests as they are a first step in the search for natural resources that can be exploited later (like a submarine mineral reserves that are in dispute with Japan in recent years and they are waiting for a UN resolution for exploitation and concession).

Indeed, with the idea of strengthening its presence in the seabed, it seems that China is planning to develop a prototype “submarine base” (powered by a nuclear reactor) to allow a crew of up to 30 people, in the future, live in great depth (although it seems that the year 2015 would have a prototype ready for up to 15 people).

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