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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Freedom of expression, Internet |

China will force users to register with real names

China will force users to register with real names

As reported by state media Xinhua via Twitter, the Chinese legislature has approved a proposal that includes mandatory requirements of real-name registration for all users on the network. An extremely dangerous step against the Privacy and intimacy of citizens on the Internet.

According to the agency, the new law aims to improve the protection of personal data online and safeguarding public interests. A rules of which we do not know the exact time of your application, but that clearly is a step backwards for freedom of expression in network.

The vagueness of the new arrangement results in different approaches. From The Next Web notes that you may need to show the actual identification focuses on online outlets for both fixed and wireless networks. Still, could have a major impact on public Internet spaces as cyber-cafes. The same could happen with dissidents who would be more difficult to operate anonymously in the country. In addition, the new law also approves the removal of writings on the net that are considered illegal by the government.

Xinhua also said that legislation includes provisions requiring network operators to protect the privacy of information collected in the process of records. According to TNW, certain platforms like Weibo enjoy a “veto” on mandatory requirements to include a record time by actual users.

Anyway, impose as mandatory real-name registration for all users on the network is a dangerous step that threatens freedom of expression online. Thus, China extends the tightening of controls on the network by the government.

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