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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in News |

Christmas trees shining through a jellyfish gene

Christmas trees shining through a jellyfish gene

Now approaching these special days is when many begin to prepare the decorations in many homes and buying a Christmas tree. This tree will be decorated with many ornaments and in many cases with a string of lights able to shine a room. Well. This seems so ordinary that can be eliminated to some as researchers at the University of Hertfordshire, UK, have discovered a way to make Christmas trees shine.

Who knows if in the future we will not only brilliant but Christmas trees forests like Pandora but for now this research has been done with one type of tree, the Douglas fir, which you have spliced the luminescent properties of the jellyfish and Firefly to your genes. The first gene produces a substance called Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP by its acronym in English) and the second produces an enzyme called luciferase.

Trees modify outbreaks infecting a harmless bacteria that carry genes. Then you need a chemical called luciferin which is required to activate the luciferase. This mixture turns the green fluorescent protein and makes it shine.

To achieve this the Luciferian be mixed in a special fertilizer to be sold with the tree. This achieves a tree that shines both day and night and, of course, does not require electricity.

According to investigators, the only problem for not doing so is cost. Make these Christmas trees would have an initial cost of 250 € per copy, which would be at the top of the available supply. Although it may look too could sell well especially to North American customers, which I imagine to be more likely to spend on things like that.

With regard to the reservations that could cause the tree to have a say and would not have happened to invent the wheel if we had always done if the reluctant. If, as the researchers such as trees can be created, we will have to see if everyone is willing to take a tree home bright.

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