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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Chroma, a palette of colors available in Chrome

Chroma, a palette of colors available in Chrome

One of the aspects that I like about browsers like or Firefox is that, thanks to the diverse catalog of available extensions, we can add additional features designed to improve our user experience and provide us with additional tools to squeeze more content we visited or help us in our daily work. Specializing in Chrome, plus extensions have the opportunity to install applications that can run in the browser and in just two years, have multiplied to make Chrome in a leisure center, labor productivity, or even in a study design.

If ever we had a relationship with the world of graphic design, it is very likely that we have observed some designer (or even seeing him in any graphics program) to define the color palette using hexadecimal codes, or by combinations of three sets of numbers encoding, using RGB , the amount of red, yellow and blue needed to obtain a given color. For those who are outside this area, this type of color combinations can resultarnos complex to achieve if we do not use the right applications and, with the idea of doing something easier, extensions as Palette or Android applications as SwatchMatic can help us identify colors of an image or an object that we close.

Google Chrome users can complete this type of resource with an application called Chroma with which we can add to your browser a color palette with the idea of testing or locate specific hues. The use, as we can imagine, is quite simple and the only adjustment required from us is whether we want to work in hexadecimal or using RGB coding.

Otherwise, all you have to do is select the key base from which we want to see all the full color range, vary or locate a specific tone and, for example, obtain the hex code for Gimp or Photoshop to grab . Moreover, if we have some favorite tunes or want to create a full palette of colors, shades locating as we can keep them in the application within a block of favorites to rescue at any time (and pressing the application will show that color and range of colors in which it is).

And what an application can serve so is a very quick way to locate a color without opening Photoshop or Gimp for testing with the color palette, we can make this up to the browser without too much effort.

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