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Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Chrome becomes a surveillance panel

Chrome becomes a surveillance panel

A few years ago, deploying a video surveillance system was not an easy task nor cheap because further required to deploy the cameras somewhere with power, the laying of wiring to the control unit (typically coax). IP cameras have greatly facilitated things and have enabled many small businesses and traders set up their surveillance systems using their Wi-Fi or wired network deployed in offices, replacing the control unit by some software (such as for example ZoneMinder ). The system will be using something which define requirements to meet, but in the case of using the mainly for surveillance (see images), we can do this using Chrome extension and CCTV View .

CCTV View is an extension for that will allow us to create a grid, ie, an array of images from different IP cameras, for example, we have deployed in our network (in the case of cameras within our LAN) or even cameras they are on the Internet (with a public IP).

The extension gives users the ability to configure up to 16 IP cameras (which is normally accessed via a URL and, indeed, that is the data you will need to configure each camera) that we see in groups of 4 tabs with 4 images each. This extension is in the form of an icon (located in the upper right of the interface of Google Chrome, right next to the Omnibox, the address and search bar) where you must press to open a new tab in the browser and we can see updated images of the cameras (which can be managed in a complementary manner with ZoneMinder without any restrictions exist or conflict).

A simple way to control IP cameras within a closed circuit without complicating the user, for example, using ZoneMinder (which could be reserved for recording the contents, set alarms and access revision if they are triggered).

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