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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Chrome Extensions to improve our experience on YouTube

Chrome Extensions to improve our experience on YouTube

Since its founding more than seven years, has become a complete revolution in the media, at least in my opinion. It gives us the ability to upload our own videos, and the videos look up the other, in addition to providing a range of options for independent producers and directors. On this day, however, we will focus on user experience to mention some Google Chrome that can be downloaded to optimize the performance of YouTube on computers.

The first thing you will notice is the conspicuous absence of extensions that allow us to download videos to our computer from YouTube. The truth is that they are of all sizes and colors, with a myriad of options. For example, we have YouTube Downloader, which is the most popular and the most obvious title. But basically what everyone is settling a button within the interface of YouTube we can clicking to download the video. Find several options on the net to make it should not be difficult, in fact, an opportunity we told you about 5 ways to download videos from YouTube to your computer . It is a task that can even be automated .

  • JotPix : find videos on YouTube can sometimes be complicated, so it is best to use a tool to do the job for us. This is the case of JotPix, which allows us to do advanced searches and geolocated to quickly find the video you’re looking for. It also has a powerful search engine that includes our favorites and the videos we’ve seen. A similar service, at least in the area of geolocation, is Mappeo .
  • Jiggyape : one of the strangest ways, at least in my opinion, is to listen to music through YouTube. It bothers me that there seems videos with audio only, but if there is because someone consumes. If we like to listen to music through this platform, we can build Jiggyape playlists to take along your favorite music, saving us having to go to YouTube.
  • mytab online : if we are not routinely entering YouTube, desconoceremos than having a Google Account can muster a whole library in our profile. To have it more organized and easy to reach, this extension allows us to create a custom tab with all our favorite videos, channels you have a subscription, and more. Interface also has an interesting, as a mosaic, which differs from YouTube aesthetics.
  • SmartVideo : however, we often want to have a more advanced control over the quality of the video you’re watching. A good way to do this is through SmartVideo, an extension that allows us to modify some options such as buffering, audio quality and image, and playback options, among other things. Works on all videos, without distinction, but, of course, may fail, especially in cases of horrible quality.
  • Turn off the Lights : do we want to have a cinematic experience while watching a video on YouTube? Many players, for quite some time, implemented a dimmer for the screen to go dark while watching a video, to give us the feeling, albeit very small, of being in a cinema. This extension for Chrome can do exactly the same.
  • AutoReplay : along with listening to music, watching videos over and over again is one of those incomprehensible customs YouTube. To have an infinite loop, this extension allows not we stop to see or hear the video we’re playing, activating an automatic replay.
  • Youtube Automatic Quality changer : often, we find that we want to see a video in the highest possible quality, but YouTube always the lowest load. With this extension, it happens that we always loading the video with the highest possible quality.

Photo by Rachel Talbott

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