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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Chrome Remote Desktop, remote access from Chrome

Chrome Remote Desktop, remote access from Chrome

Today we find it not uncommon, for example, work in a city and that the IT support service of our company is in another city other and solve many of our incidents remotely. In fact, we have gradually become used to connect remotely to other computers, either ours or others, to minimize travel and work in a comfortable manner.

Not the first time Bitelia dedicate some minutes talking about applications that allow us to precisely connect remotely to other devices , but with the idea of completing the range of tools available, it is worth putting the focus on a tool that was born a little over a year and now, finally, no longer in beta : Chrome Remote Desktop .

Chrome Remote Desktop is an application for browser that transforms our door remotely access other computers logically also use Google Chrome and have this application installed. With can access, securely, and control other computers remotely (something quite useful to set something to a person not very experienced, solve a problem or control one of our teams), supporting Windows platforms (from Windows Vista), Linux, Mac OS X (from 10.6) or devices with Chrome OS, Chromebooks.

This application is very attractive because, in my opinion, is very simple to use and does not require an expert to use sysadmin. To share our team, and allow remote access, all you have to do is share a PIN that introduce key mode in Chrome as a team to be able to connect, that simple. The process, in the end, it looks a bit like the configuration of cloud sync Firefox bookmarks, generate code from the “master” and introduce it in the slave “Chrome Remote Desktop to generate a PIN the team we’re going to connect and introduce it in the equipment that we use to connect (where we’re storing the list of teams that have remotely accessible).

Chrome Remote Desktop, remote access from Chrome image 2

What’s new in this tool? Maturity this year has allowed the stable version of Chrome Remote Desktop includes the ability to output audio in real time, yes, for now this functionality is supported only on Windows computers. Meanwhile, another new intreresantes included in this “graduation” is the ability to copy and paste between our local team and the remote computer (quite useful, for example, to implement a script that we have previously prepared) .

Considering how easy it is to configure remote access (code sharing), I find this tool very simple to use and useful both personally (to control our fleet of equipment) to take a lead to our family and friends .

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