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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Gadgets |

Classic Match Foosball turns your iPad into a football

Classic Match Foosball turns your iPad into a football

Do not you ever happened that you were with some friends, You wanted to play something together and you did not have anything handy? How many times have we thought we’d do a round in the football and bar where we were there were none? I do not happened any time one of these situations but the people of New Potato Technologies should not think just because they have launched a foosball table that connects to the iPad to transform this into a playing field so you can always have hand table football.

The table is one of the two parts that make up the equipment needed to play. the table is not very big, in fact it is almost the size of the iPad . This is connected to the table by the 30-pin connector, so that new Lightning connector models will not until they take out an updated model. Once we have the iPad connected and turn on the app position that we have to go down to play. This app simulates the playing field and takes the game modes necessary to spend all afternoon hooked. It also reproduces the characteristic sounds of football.

The foosball table recharge our ipad while connected and can play from 2 to 4 people. I just do not see how people can inadvertently play four elbows but that is another issue. The bars are playing two axes sensors to detect movement we make and will sync with the application.

The game table is compatible with all iPad Dock connector, even the first generation, that run iOS 5.0. The entire table is priced at $ 99. If you would like to buy this as a Christmas table can go to New Potato Technologies website where you will find more information.

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