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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Climate applications for Android smartphones

Climate applications for Android smartphones

They say that the first thing to do when we wake up in the morning is check the weather forecast for the day. So if we take a warm jacket or not, or whether to carry an umbrella if we are surprised by a downpour. With the advancement of technology and the invasion of to all households, we can find all this information without having to turn on the TV hoping to pass the forecast on the news in the morning, or have the paper handy for read prediction of day. Just have a powerful application installed with a widget that tells us how the temperature is.

Fortunately for us, climate applications abound in the virtual stores. On this day we will do a review of what we consider the best Android weather apps that are a must on our smartphone, and also serve to save a cold more than once.

  • AccuWeather : this is one of the most popular apps available for Android. I also admit that is first on the list because it is the one I use, and so far has not failed me. It has detailed information and graphics of the widget are practical and give us the information we need at the moment: current temperature, maximum and minimum, city, and nothing else. When we enter the application itself can see the updated forecast at the time, see a weather map, see the weekly forecast, and more. In addition, we can add more cities if we are doing a trip soon and want to know how is the temperature in the area before you pack.
  • WeatherBug : this is one of the most complete applications that can be found on Google Play, and one of its main advantages is that it is completely free. It has a very simple and friendly interface, but also has some features completely pro: Doppler radar, weather warnings, severe thunderstorms monitors-ideal for the more paranoid-updates for our GPS-based location, forecasts visual and easy to read, and more. But one of its most interesting features is that we can share these tips with friends and family through Facebook.
  • The Weather Channel : Come on, who has not been watching at least a few good minutes things that were happening at The Weather Channel. It’s almost an institution rather than a channel. But the transmitter also has a smartphone app that is backed by the prestige of the professionals that are behind. Although the interface usability is not the same as the previous two mentioned above, we also offer things like Doppler radar, weather alerts, and, depending on the area in which we are, to video forecasts.
  • 1Weather : here started with the options a bit more unknown. 1Weather started with an app that offers live updates with forecasts for our area, rainfall information, weekly forecasts, lunar phases, times of sunrise and sunset, a very handy widget that concentrates the most relevant information, data UV day, and more. It also has an animated radar, but unfortunately this functionality is only available in North America.
  • Be Weather : One of the Weather Be differential values is that we can play with many customization options and it is completely free of advertisements and remains free. A highlight. Be Weather crawls out our location automatically through GPS, install a temperature gauge in the notification bar for that we are always aware, and refreshed each time the phone we release. The application can be customized through the use of fonts and colors we select us.
  • GO Weather : This is one of the most beautiful that we will find when it comes to climate. It has a sleek interface and subtle, yet very easy to use. We offer 3D videos, storing up to 10 locations to always know the state of the climate in the area, and amazing animations. It is also free, so for those who prioritize design is an obvious choice.
  • Weather Android : the app with the most obvious name for this list. It is also one of the weakest, when compared with other of these titans are mentioning, but in simplicity. We can select the intervals at which we want to update the information, store different locations, and enable notifications to keep you abreast of developments.
  • Weatherwise : this also comes through the eyes, thanks to precious animations that change from day to night, dusk and dawn, wind speed, rain, and more. You can save up to 5 different locations to be aware of the climate in other parts of the world or the country in which we have an interest, and view the forecast for the next 5 days. All this, with painless visual cinematic look.
  • MyWeather Mobile : With this application we can create a temp icon in the notification bar, in addition to several customization options for a complete experience. It can be stored in the memory card, which is quite useful if you are using many applications. Thanks to radar we can give accurate predictions for the next few hours, but has not updated in real time.
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