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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Economy and Business |

Close The Daily, the first newspaper for iPad

Close The Daily, the first newspaper for iPad

No more what it was given, the ambitious project of News Corporation, The Daily , missing closure to their long-term infeasibility. Born in February 2011 as the pioneer of the digital transition, it took less than two years to verify that the time is not yet, or at least not well.

Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire owner of the holding News Corporation, has announced today closing date: the 15th of December, will cease to exist. In that same statement, Murdoch has said that The Daily was from the beginning an experiment in the digital market, and an incredible source of innovation. It also complains that the audience was not large enough to consider the continuation of a business model in the long term as well.

In the first moments after his presentation , The Daily data were quite encouraging. He quickly rose to become the most downloaded news app in the App Store, but then came the first blow when he made public the losses of ten million dollars , which accounted for the dismissal of 50 of the 170 employees of the company .

It seemed that the thing was going better when in their first year of life celebrated its 100,000 subscribers, very considerable figure which largely helped to conquer the low prices that cost 99 cents a week, and 39’99 per year. However, analysts and experts like Alex Wilhelm spoke that was insufficient to maintain a well platform. Prophecy fulfilled finally.

The reasons for this success are highlighted insufficient from everywhere. Remarkable is the argument WebProNews , who some of the basics: you can not try to compete against the free charging that already exists on the network, if the contents are not different enough. The direction of the press enigmatic increases. A year ago we wondered if this was the output of an industry in trouble. It seems that either.

Picture: The Atlantic .

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