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Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in Mobile |

CloudMagic: integrates your entire business in the cloud in a comfortable search

CloudMagic: integrates your entire business in the cloud in a comfortable search

If you’ve never done, from time to time does not hurt to take stock of the cloud services where we maintain an active account and therefore store information. This simple exercise, on the one hand, we can help when applying rotations or changes in our passwords but on the other hand, can give us an idea of what we can be dispersed information. Today we can find many service aggregators like IFTTT or Zapier , with which integrate our Dropbox or accounts and automate certain tasks but although we can integrate certain processes, we still lack a global view of the information we have. With the idea of maintaining an index of the information we have dispersed the cloud within the Evernote Trunk, born CloudMagic .

CloudMagic is an interesting service that offers mobile applications ( Android , iOS , Windows Phone and Kindle Fire ) and browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Safari) and allows us to visualize, in an integrated manner, all information that we maintain in the cloud (on services like Dropbox, Box, Evernote or Facebook).

So what’s the idea? Imagine you have accounts on Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote Google Drive and therefore in such a scenario would not be unusual to keep our holiday information on all these services (and perhaps photos on Facebook in Dropbox, Evernote entries or emails reserves in Gmail). With we introduce a search string, and as we write, the matches will appear in all the services we’ve linked.

To some extent, the operation can remind us to the classic Google Desktop with which we could search for emails or documents and, more or less, the spirit is the same with the “slight” difference that search the cloud in every service connected. We maintain multiple accounts associated with each service and, frankly, the scenario is quite broad because options are supported services like Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Drive Google Calendar, Google Contacts, GTalk or iCloud.

If this flexibility in the services we add the many options we have access to the service (mobile and desktop), CloudMagic becomes interesting as a service to take into account if, for example, we have information distributed across multiple services and, on more than one occasion, has cost us a lot of work to remember where a file store or a specific content.

In my opinion, this layer provides indexing CloudMagic we can save some time and, above all, we can draw from the odd trouble when an urgent need to seek information or to locate a particular email.

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