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Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in Laptops, PC, Tablets |

Clover Trail Intel: Atom and Windows 8 tablets full

Clover Trail Intel: Atom and Windows 8 tablets full

is not nobody in the world of mobility is also highly regarded in the world of mobility within the low-end PCs (netbooks). Really its range Atom is not very well regarded, but in middle and upper ranges are the absolute kings with their Core iX. With Clover Trail Intel tries to change that with its Atom Z2760 with a clear idea: to be better than the rest of the ARM at the same price.

So far attempts to break into the smartphone market with Medfield have not been very successful, although it is true that for a release of this type takes time for testing. In a world dominated by ARM almost no one has stopped to think Medfield as a good start to give more power to the systems that require more, read Android.

Clover Trail and Windows 8

Then, seeing the little adoption took Medfield smartphones bet Intel in the mobile world is focused on a new market that now arises: . As some of you have been able to guess the name of the processor (Atom) is not an ARM processor but a “complete” (although it is also SoC) processor capable of providing the full experience of Windows 8 on a device 8.7 mm thick and 0.7kg (slightly above the iPad 3, although thinner). Tablets thinner than the new iPad that will run Windows 8 compatible with all applications and drivers found in Windows 7 now.

Capabilities, guts

Clover Trail is a dual-core processor that can get up to 1.8Ghz and supports Intel HT (Hyper-Threading, or what is the same, emulate 4 cores). In the same chip also integrates NFC , an 8 megapixel camera and connectivity options and more common, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more.

In your hands very soon

Windows 8 is coming, in fact has less than a month to its official launch on 26 October. So you should start an avalanche of new hybrid devices, tablets and PCs Intel also has many partners, such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, ASUS and many more PC manufacturers who also want to venture into the business and already enhance their creations with Intel.

Linux, the controversy

A few weeks ago Intel has confirmed in its developer event would not give official support for Linux, but, as usual, will soon be independent developers to work to make some version of Android or Ubuntu can be run on these tablets .

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