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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Mobile |

Color-Grab, identifying colors from Android devices

Color-Grab, identifying colors from Android devices

Mobile devices have become some great additions to our daily work and it is not uncommon to see us to use our corporate email or to access cloud applications that we use in our organization. Considering how active the market is developing applications for mobile devices, basically, we can find applications for a wide range of needs and requirements, therefore, for almost any profession can find applications that can help us in our work. In the case that we are linked to the world of design, a few weeks ago SwatchMatic , an application that used the device’s camera to analyze, in real time, the captured images and identify the colors, a very interesting feature that can also be accomplished by Color Grab .

Grab Color is a free application that allows users of Android devices (from Android 2.2) using the camera of your mobile device to locate the color of any object in the image being displayed. The operation is very simple, we launched the application, encuadramos an object with the viewer and obtain the object’s color and RGB definition, for example, to take her to a design program like Gimp or Photoshop.

The application, which certainly does not include advertising, can be an interesting partner for designers and, with the idea of not losing any of what has been identified, the colors will be detected are stored in a library (in the same way storing we identify with Shazam songs from your smartphone) where we can see the color in RGB (coded in hexadecimal and decimal) and using the HSV representation.

is able to identify up to 1,300 colors and allows users to use flash to improve identification in low light conditions and promised auto-focus and auto-image stabilizer to improve detection and therefore deliver results much more accurate.

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