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Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Mobile |

ColorNote, notes and reminders in the form of widgets for Android

ColorNote, notes and reminders in the form of widgets for Android

The cloud has also become an inexhaustible source of resources among which we can find a good number of digital notebooks in which our daily record, the shopping list or tasks that have to be done. Obviously, not all services fit well with the needs of the users and, sometimes, that simplicity can become a determining factor when choosing a mobile application or a cloud service with which to take notes or write little reminders. The classic Post-its are a resource that populates the tables of many professionals and many have imitated applications with simple notes offering to plant our computer screen.

If we use an Android device and seek an application that allows us little notes splashing your terminal screen (without resorting to paper post-it and stick it on your smartphone), ColorNote is a simple free application that we will grow our smartphone notes and reminders as if they were small but implemented as sticky notes on your screen widgets.

If we look for simplicity, ColorNote is an interesting and, above all, with a very simple if, for example, we do not take notes in applications that have to access, specifically, to read what we have written. The idea is simple, write a note, we assign colors based on different categories and virtually paste your terminal screen to have it always visible.

Sometimes our notes have associated a deadline or, for example, specify a list of tasks or run by acer; details ColorNote implemented by a vision of calendar and notes (to quickly review what vecen tasks within a specified time and organize our own work plan) you can add lists and checklists where crossing off tasks or things that are running.

ColorNote, notes and reminders in the form of widgets for Android image 2

Go pointing tasks or remind us that we must execute certain actions recommended is very important that we integrate in our framework. Once, when we talked about productivity , we talked specifically about the importance of taking notes and not rely solely on our memories; confess I’ve ever recorded information in a Post-it that I’m done hitting my smartphone, something strange practice ColorNote can do that with a much more simple and, above all, clean.

Maybe someone can think of an application in the cloud may be more advantageous because it allows us to synchronize content between multiple terminals and, of course, keep a backup in case your terminal breaks. ColorNote includes the ability to sync across multiple devices (with which our notes will be available on our tablet and your smartphone, for example) but also in case you want to have them available in hardware can also store them on the memory card -terminal

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