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Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in Science |

Company aims to develop 3D-printed artificial meat

Company aims to develop 3D-printed artificial meat

Unless we resort to organic farming or maintain our own garden, most of the foods we eat are products of industrial processes or stem from GM products to maximize crop yields (high resistance, durability, etc.) . Both the poultry and livestock in order to satisfy our consumption of products have also been introduced and techniques from the laboratory and, apparently, meat consumption in the future could become completely artificial. The philanthropist Peter Thiel just a start-up funding to develop artificial meat made by 3D printing and satisfy our need for protein without resorting to livestock.

3D printing, gradually being introduced in more and more areas and have seen the possibilities of this technology in architecture , space exploration , or even as a key to the disclosure and free culture . In fact, some medical research based on 3D printers to develop blood vessels artificial bones or muscles.

Indeed, following the same path of biomedical research, the company Modern Meadow aims to develop artificial meat to feed people (and thus give our contribution of protein) without exploiting the livestock and therefore environmentally friendly. With that, the company (which will include scientific support provided by the foundation of Thiel) develop meat that can be made by and, logically, be safe to drink (even artificial proteins).

Fortunately, at least for those that love good and gives us some apprehension these experiments, the project is still very embryonic stage and therefore remains extremely expensive to make this type of meat substitutes. In fact, the objective of the project is that such substitutes are more competitive than livestock, adding to the respect for the environment in lower operating costs / operating (although by now have been able to manufacture a piece of meat of 2 cm x 1 cm x 0.5 mm).

Personally, I would not be able to eat a steak synthetic and the thought gives me an aversion but, really, could be a way to combat world hunger.


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