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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Apple |

Comparison: iPad Mini against competition

Comparison: iPad Mini against competition

Today Phil Schiller has presented what all rumors pointed. The iPad Mini seems not disappointed in the presentation and have wanted to emphasize what are the differences between this new Apple iPad and other tablets that have little competition.

To make this comparison we have the Nexus 7 , the Kindle Fire HD and HD Nook , while not known when released in Spain if that has occurred recently and so its features are quite interesting. It must be said that competition is intense and there seems to be a clear winner in terms of technical specifications. While we note that the iPad Mini has the same processor as the iPad 2 , which behaves in seniority and performance, it is also true that it makes up the exterior design. But first the comparison chart.

Comparison: iPad Mini against competition image 2

As we see, when we look at the raw power loses the iPad Mini. It also has a screen with less resolution and pixel density per inch ridiculous when compared with others. Are 163 dpi by 216 Nexus 7 as both the Kindle Fire HD. Looking at the HD Nook numbers soar to the 243ppp. Unreachable until Apple introduced a model retina.

Consider now that the iPad wins Mini aspects. The rear camera is a point that although the iPad is clearly absurd, and the iPad Mini could have a little more sense. We also noticed the connection HSPA, HSPA + and DC-HSDPA, that while in Spain is limited use of time, if you are grateful to have the option. All these points are lower when we see the point where Apple really shines. Industrial design.

And although the other products can be very well built, none has the tact and firmness with Apple products. Moreover is the lightest of all tablet and the thinner, whereby the portability is beyond question. Not that the others are not, but in this aspect not so. Another advantage of the iPad Mini is the screen, which to be 7’9 “has 35% more screen than the Nexus 7 with what you lose in what resolution you win in the workspace.

Also note how each operating system and ecosystem options for consumers. For example, many people argue that Android 4.1 is superior to iOS in terms of customization options. But at the end of such a device is purchased for use applications and Apple now here is unrivaled.

So as summarized this when comparing prices? Let’s take the 16GB Wifi version of each. We have the 329€ of iPad Mini against the 249€ the Nexus 7 and the 149€ of Kindle Fire. The iPad Mini is the most expensive and the worst is over in power, an older processor. But it also has better design and many more applications. And, because they say, a component of brand that does add a few euros.

With this data, what would you do? Do you find it interesting the option of a Mini iPad competition knowing you have?

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