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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Features, Software |

Comparison: Whatsapp vs Line

Comparison: Whatsapp vs Line

Given the success of mobile devices in recent years, especially as the world has grown applications, it is not surprising that month after month born new proposals to instant messaging, created with the aim of enabling users to communicate from their mobiles on any platform, without having to resort to conventional calls or SMS. To date, the most popular is still Whatsapp , but there is an option that is giving a lot to talk about, his name is Line and now put them face to face to discuss what is the best option.

Line is not a recent release, in fact, has little more than a year after leaving the market even testing it confess to the end of 2011 and never have paid much attention because all my contacts simply use Whatsapp. But this seems to be changing slowly. makers announce they currently have over 250 million users in over 230 countries worldwide, and the number is growing.

It is with Line when truly presented a tough opponent to Whatsapp, something no other seems to have achieved even Joyn , bet operators to meet has apparently been forgotten at just days old, whose reason could be that is only available for Android by now.

Whatsapp, its advantages and disadvantages

No doubt I should begin by mentioning the biggest advantage that Whatsapp account, is that this is the most popular in the world to date. That is why when purchasing just a smartphone Whatsapp must be installed on your phone. It may sound excessive, but is that the biggest reason for doing this is that at least 90% of your contacts have the application and then you can start chatting with them.

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But that reason is not the only thing that stands in Whatsapp, but have earned their rightful place thanks to have for each and every major mobile platforms of the moment: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Java2ME even, so that practically no smarpthone a user with which unreachable through this platform.

After the success of BlackBerry Messenger on RIM terminals undoubtedly the pioneer and best platform IM (instant messaging) that has existed, Whatsapp creators should have raised: “If BBM is so popular and successful? why not do something similar but that works for everyone? “And boy did it.

WhatsApp allows users to communicate via messages, voice memos and send images, all via a data plan or a WiFi network, without using SMS messages (something very few remember now) and with a lot speed and fluidity , as we are always connected. The application is free on all platforms for the first year, then this should be canceled an amount less than one dollar, although the “trial period” in Android and BlackBerry extends forever, and iOS only just uninstall and reinstall to install the app to get a free year more.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to this service is limited to only mobile phones and sending text messages, and multimedia files. Given this, from Japan arrives Line with qualities more than interesting.

Line, its advantages and disadvantages

This service comes in full swing from Asia, with the first goal at young people, as it has some nice features, no doubt, have been largely responsible for its success.

Comparison: Whatsapp vs Line image 3

As seen in the screenshots in Line not only have acquaintances emoticons, but also with what they called Stickers (stickers, by translation), which are just larger and smilies that are incredibly animated nice and addictive to use to accompany any type of sentence, as the Japanese have been included in the application an enormous amount of these stickers in different libraries to download, some free and some pay few. I’m more than sure that many of the 250 million users of this application is in love with her because of the bizarre and funny stickers.

But make no mistake, the stickers are just the tip of the iceberg in Line, as this platform is not only available for iOS mobile devices, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, but also has application for Windows and Mac desktop, plus A web version. This undoubtedly makes it much more attractive in appearance Whatsapp that we can continue our conversation from the computer without having to touch the phone and synchronize with your smartphone. Superb.

Also, another great and very important feature is that Line allows voice calls via VoIP, so we can call and talk with our contacts from a WiFi or 3G.

Finally, Line has some other applications available to complement their capabilities, such as “Line Camera” Stickers and to add effects to photos (which you can quickly share from Line), or “Line Card”, “Birzzle Line” and ” Line Brush “to make and send postcards, play with our contacts and paint, respectively.

The main disadvantage of Line is that although its growth has been astonishing year of life has not yet reached the popularity of Whatsapp, so currently it is impossible to completely changed the Japanese product.

Conclusions and Bono

Of the two, without a doubt my favorite is Line, thanks to all the advantages and developments representing over Whatsapp, certainly including the ability to make voice calls over the Internet, although the stickers and other characteristics are very attractive, no function is more useful than this.

However, as I mentioned earlier, it is impossible or very difficult to make a complete change to Line Whatsapp well want, because the former is steady as market leader and a huge amount of users, so a long time never miss my smartphone.

As a bonus to this comparison, a new service that definitely caught my attention: Libon. This platform was launched by the operator Orange and represents an experience similar to but much easier Line (or “serious”, by not having the stickers), offering the ability to send short messages, multimedia files and call through VoIP, and on this, the call quality is incredibly good. It is free and also has a web version, plus “voicemail” and synchronization. His ruling is currently only available for iPhone and iPod. In our blog brother, Bitelia, have made a complete analysis I invite you to read so you decide if it’s worth giving it a taste.

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