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Complete guide to remove any ebook DRM

Complete guide to remove any ebook DRM

Experiences like Linn, the user who suddenly saw their entire Amazon library deleted without even an explanation from the company, reopened the debate on DRM, invisible bolt that reminds us that Amazon and other stores not buy the books but the rent, without being under our complete control.

I am a declared fan of all technology that allows movement and the books are digitized and distributed, and that the authors who want to be paid for digital sales. I buy books every month on Amazon and I have been trying for several put a limit to not get out of budget. I love to see that more and more authors are more works available online. For every writer I know the first thing I ask is how I can get your book on the internet and if you have not already done so, try to convince him that publish digital. Leo on Kindle, on iPad, iPhone and on my MacBook, all devices with fairly closed systems but give me a good user experience, which gladly pay.

But the system has never seemed well implemented, because it removes all control readers with something they have paid at prices closer to purchase a rental. If I lend it to a friend, if you want you can read one of my family, if I want to keep my back to keep me from what happens to poor Linn I have no choice but to remove the DRM as ebooks. I started researching options and thanks to Antonio Ortiz arrived at Apprentice Alf Blog, where I found some information on the subject. Translated and sorted, are here in this guide to remove DRM ebooks your whatever their formats and shop has sold you. Before you do, you have to be aware that this will most likely against the terms and conditions that have stores that sell books with DRM and what may happen is under the responsibility of each.

What is DRM

According to its acronym, Digital Rights Management, DRM translates as digital rights management and involves access control technologies used by publishers and copyright owners to limit the use of media works (ebooks, music, videos, etc..) or digital devices. Their use is controversial. Among his detractors, for example, is the Free Software Foundation arguing that the use of the word rights (rights) is misleading and that copyright holders use these restrictions in ways not covered by existing laws.

The DRM controls which devices you can use to read your ebook and not letting it to become one format to another. Depending on the type of DRM might also limit the ebook to a single device, so if you want to read in another better download it again. Other schemes require you authorize on its website each new type of device you want to read your ebook.

There are several types of formats and DRM are several procedures to remove them. The simplest way to remove most types of DRM (except Apple uses) is with Calibre, and installing plugins “unofficial” to come to this.

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ePUB, PDF, and formats other stores

Calibre can not by itself remove the DRM from ebooks but others have developed some plugins that do allow. To do that you need to access your ebooks, because if you can not see them on your desktop, you can not remove the DRM.

The available plugins allow you to remove the DRM from ebooks purchased Kindle, Barnes & Noble, any other DRM ebooks using Adobe Digital Editions and the old ebooks in Mobipocket and eReader.

Remove DRM your ebooks with Calibre (any OS)

  1. Download and install the latest version of Calibre for your OS.
  2. Download the zip file containing the scripts to remove the DRM . You can find them on google as “”.
  3. Run Calibre. In Preferences select “Change caliber behavior”. (Do not click “Get plugins to Enhance caliber”, that option is reserved for official plugins gauge).
  4. Click on Plugins (under Advanced)
  5. Click the big button “Load plugin from file”
  6. Go to the folder you extracted the tools in step 2
  7. Open the folder “Calibre_Plugins”
  8. Select one of the zip files in that folder
  9. Click on “Add” (also can be “Open”)
  10. Click the button “Yes” to appear in the warning. A message appears confirming to the plugin is installed.
  11. Repeat steps 5 to 10 for each file in the folder plugins “Calibre_Plugins”
  12. Now we have to configure the plugins you need depending on the setting and the information you need to put on the type of ebook you have.

To configure each of the plugins you look at the list of plugins, select it and click “Customize Button Plugin”. In the window that opens enter the required information for each of the formats and readers:

  • Amazon Kindle (AZW, AZW1): If you have ebooks that were downloaded to your Kindle you must put the serial number of your player in that field K4MobiDeDRM plugin. Remove any spaces between the numbers and if you need to put more than a serial number, separate them with commas (no spaces). The serial number of your Kindle you find behind the Kindle or in Menu> Settings in the end.
  • Amazon PC or Mac: Taking Calibre and the plugin installed on the same computer as the original programs, no more is needed as supplements take what they need to do the conversion.
  • Adobe ePUB or Adobe PDF: With having Calibre and Adobe Digital Editions installed and authorized on the same computer is sufficient.
  • Barnes & Noble ePUB: You must put your name (not your email address) and the full number of the credit card on the field that shows the Ignoble Epub DeDRM plugin. The name and number of the credit card which must be specified as part of the unlock code on your credit card Nook Library page. Separate the name of the number with a comma and do not put spaces between the digits of the card number or before or after the comma.
  • Mobipocket ebooks (PRC): You put the PID you put on the website where you bought it, or the PID of your installation of Mobipocket Reader for this field K4MobiDeDRM plugin. The PID will consist of 10 numbers and letters, with * or $ as the eighth character, usually in the options of the store where it was purchased and each device has a different one. If you have more than one PID, put all separated by commas (no spaces).
  • Barnes & Noble eReader or other shops: In the Settings eReader PDB 2 PML plugin we put the name and the last 8 digits of the credit card with which you bought without putting spaces.
  1. Click Apply and close the Preferences.

Having done all this, add the ebook to Calibre and DRM version will be imported in the Calibre database. It is important to remove the DRM that only happens in the import process, so if you had already imported books must remove DRM Calibre and reimported.

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Remove DRM on Mac OS X DeDRM

Users of Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.7 do not want to use Calibre can use an application that is inside the zip folder in paragraph 2 above, call DeDRM. You have to open the folder called DeDRM_Aplications and run the application. You can remove the DRM from each ebook by clicking the “Select Ebook …”. To remove the DRM from several ebooks or folders at once, just drag and drop them into the application when it is running.

Remove DRM with Python in Windows

There is an option for Windows users who do not use Calibre but need to install Python and use the application PyCripto DeDRM_WinApp or other. To install them, there is more information on Apprentice Alf’s blog.

Fairplay, Apple’s DRM

The only tool available to remove Apple’s DRM system is Requiem, Brahms maintained independently. The latest version is 3.3.5 September 2012 and serves to iTunes 10.5 and above, both Windows and Mac OS X.

Requiem has a website Tor: http://tag3ulp55xczs3pn.onion, meaning that you need to download it from there install Tor . But if you’ll keep your anonymity, you can also download it from the following links:

Requiem for Windows Application:
MD5: 954f9ecf42635fae77afbc3a24489004

Requiem application for Mac OS X:
MD5: 4e7dc46ad7e0b54bea6182c5ad024ffe

Source code for Requiem:

MD5: e175560590a154859c0344e30870ac73

If it gives you problems Requiem, Brahms can contact directly through his website at Tor.

It is important to know that these tools do not “crackean” DRM. Simply allow the owner of the ebook (and only him) use the information found in the encryption key that is stored somewhere on your computer or device to decipher the ebook in the same way the official software.

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