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Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in Windows |

Completely get rid of the Metro interface in Windows 8

Completely get rid of the Metro interface in Windows 8

The interface Metro is a great way through which to enjoy our content, and more than ever, the arrival of a Windows environment where only worry about them, forgetting the File Browser and other classic elements.

Its success is a fact, and Microsoft, seeing the good response, has been changing gradually and enfocándoles all services that aspect. Xbox 360, Bing, or the new are examples.

However, the arrival of Metro has been criticized for a sector that has long been using earlier versions of the system, and focuses on them at work. Fortunately, all is hopeless and we can not just skip the interface with the help of some tricks, but the use of applications. NET ancient or Internet Explorer 10 at its 64-bit version from outside it is also a fact.

And just to skip the interface and not have to follow several tutorials there Skip Metro Suite , an application which combines features of other as Start8 , which I talked about for months.

Skip Metro Suite combines several functions in one program from which Metro stop worrying about:

  • Skip the home screen and enter the classic desktop
  • Disable Switcher, accessible at the top left corner.
  • Disable Charms Bar.
  • Disable all corners with features

And do not miss it. Posted by, what we found when running the application is a screen with 4 options and a save button.

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