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Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in News |

Confirming the rumors, Steve Ballmer dismissed Sinofsky

Confirming the rumors, Steve Ballmer dismissed Sinofsky

Last week we learned that Steven Sinofsky, who had the charge of the division responsible for Windows, Microsoft abandoned . The news surprised since he left just two weeks later to launch Windows 8 , project leader had practiced very hard.

The official statement from Redmond hinted that his leaving the company was a consensual decision. However, they knew it was an executive with ease to create tension in the team. It was rumored that there was a conflict and, of course, that was not going to Sinofsky Microsoft willingly.

And indeed, it was true. We learned through Extreme Tech that was tired and let him go. Note that neither the team nor expected Sinofsky himself the difficult news. However, there were enough reasons to do so.

Although Sinofsky was a person that was hard work. In fact, the former executive described it as the most difficult and arrogant with which they have tried to work. But it does not end there. At Microsoft, there were plans to implement a tablet in the days of Windows 7 but Sinosfky be refused. Nobody can know but can get her out at that time would have been a very wise decision because it would have been introduced in the field of tablets and maybe long before now they had a market share much higher.

Nevertheless, you can not blame a whole Sinofsky that Microsoft will not release the tablet market. Some veterans of the company attributed some responsibility to the lack of visionary product s senior management.

Now, after the dismissal of Sinosfky, Ballmer will have a much more focused on the Windows management with Larson-Green and Tami Reller. Will Microsoft innovate as they have done recently with Windows 8? Will progress faster Sinosfky ignoring?

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