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Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Content on social networks: why is it so important?

Content on social networks: why is it so important?

A few months ago we presented our guide for creating content on social networks . We will insist we repeat-think on all posts, but it is to memorize-that content is key when it comes to having a successful web project. Whether a website or a venture in social networks, our success in positioning and engagement with users depend on the content. Therefore, today we will highlight why content is so important, and what methods work best.

If your content is good, we will be able to have better positioning and more interaction from our users. If not so good, or not properly executed-this is important-not succeed in creating the desired impact. The content we post needs to be updated and be appropriate for the audience toward which we are heading, and the more current content we have, the better we will be positioned in search engines like Google. With good content as well, and in the case of web publications, we get called back links from other reputable publications through which Google will reward us with a better position. On the side of social networks, have good content is rewarded through Facebook EdgeRank , and it is a catalyst for further engagement by users.

Why is that important, then? Because we have to consider that our blog, page or social network channel is a window into our brand. What we publish reflect who we are. I will concentrate more on social networking side, and I recommend you check our previous post about SEO and SEM and the best ways to optimize our practices. In the area of Social Media, the content will reflect the success of a page. At least, in my opinion: I understand that other people have a much more numeric pages Facebook or Twitter, but what is important is that with our content we are reflecting the image of the brand we represent.

In order to create great content that creates engagement, we have to take into account some clues. They are much more general than those mentioned above, but can be applied to generate a better return on our strategy. These keys are:

  • Exclusivity: we have to have content and information that our fans will not find anywhere else. Therefore, it is essential that we generate this content close relationship with our client, plus designers, developers and a whole team. Give the user something I had not seen before is one of our goals as content generators.
  • Enhance images: in relation to the previous point, although some continue to insist that work with text posts, is always better with a picture supplement. Beyond Facebook algorithm, we must bear in mind that the human eye is obviously more attracted by the images. And if you are completely attractive. For this we must have the resources, but we can also use images with Creative Commons licenses obtained from internet.
  • Speed: Another aspect to consider is that not only have to offer unique content, but we must do it quickly. If we are slow to report, whatever it is, we end up creating a sense of unease among our users. Furthermore, considering that everything is visible in social networks, we have to face forever without escape even the most virulent comments.
  • Correction of Speech: finally, one of the greatest sins of the is misspelled. And, although it seems obvious, it is surprising how is doing and seeing horrors of spelling. For both the content and wording of answers, we have to have perfect grammar. Under this, not negotiable. Misspellings play against us when generate more interaction with our users.

On what we will talk, it’s up to the account. Of course, to generate good content we have to have a supreme knowledge of the product you’re driving, because, as in any aspect of life, we must know what we are talking about. But do not pretend that we know-that-but so can truly know, because sooner or later we will know if our users are talking to an expert or a phony. And, in regard to content, we can save an embarrassment in social networks.

And it depends on the product we handle the qualities that have content. The massive brands perhaps are a little more limited than smaller, because they may have more complications when it comes to being more “experimental”. But never forget the fun aspect of the content generation: we have fun while we do it, for whom we also fun read. At the end of the day, write-articles, poems and even social networking content, believe it or not-is an activity that involves our emotions. And this can be read in the final content.

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