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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Mobile |

Control panel, a panel of fast access to settings of your Android terminal

Control panel, a panel of fast access to settings of your Android terminal

One of the least preferred for a number of smartphone users is having to navigate through multiple menu options to do something as simple as putting the terminal into “airplane mode”, disable only one of the network interfaces or configure the ringtone. More or less, with practice one is able to locate these options but if we walk in and out of meetings or have just enough time to jump from one plane to another in an airport or, for simplicity, we may want to be very Hand over certain functions. In the case of having an smartphone, thanks to some of the available applications can customize the interface more our device and make available some functions in the classics included widgets are not envisaged.

Control panel for Android is one of those applications that can customize the interface of our Android device and deploy a custom control panel where to place shortcuts to functions that otherwise would have to find more of the browsing device menus .

And what we could provide such an application? This application, which certainly brings us closer to devices with Android 2.2 and up some details of Android 4.2, will allow us to create a control panel on which buttons to connect deploy airplane mode, activate or deactivate the mobile interface or Wi-Fi , set the tone or volume, alarm-clock, the brightness of the screen or check the terminal consumption data, all at “a button away.”

Given that the application is free, I think it will surprise anyone to insert advertising banners, but the truth is that just annoy or tarnish the operation with this application that I think we can save time and effectiveness in handling our Android smartphone.

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