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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Internet |

Control your online reputation with Google

Control your online reputation with Google

It is no secret that is the best tool to find absolutely anything on the Internet, including information about ourselves. Have you ever written your name in the search? You know what Google says about you when someone else does?. An important detail that many overlook risking not knowing, our reputation.

Every day there are a billion searches on Google names and 94% of search engine users never visit the second page of results. This results in two things:

  • Like it or not, at any time, your name could be googled by someone else.
  • If you want your name to be seen by that person, have to worry about appearing on the first page of results.

The problem is that not always the results of the first page in our favor. So also should be aware that the information displayed is positive for our reputation. Although this is not always an easy task, given the number of people that can be in the world with identical names.

According to figures from a study by BrandYourself , using data from 130,000 Internet users, only 50% in first search result when your name is looked up in Google.

Additionally, 25% of users do not have any positive result on the first page and 15% have at least one result with unfavorable information. Pretty interesting numbers that allow us to get an idea of how things are with this topic.

With these data in mind, the important thing now is to identify how we can make our position better name. The key is in our profiles of the different social networks and popular Internet services. According to the same study, but now using the profile information of 100,000 users, we have:

  • Having a completely full profile in LinkedIn , will help us a lot to appear in the top results. Of all the services, this is a favorite of the seeker.
  • Facebook and Twitter, despite being the most popular, are located both in second place.
  • If you have a blog to generate content, you should use WordPress instead of other services such as Tumblr or Blogger, since the latter are positioned not as good as the first.
  • To post videos on the Internet, unbelievably, Vimeo is a better choice than Youtube. In fact, despite being so popular Youtube site, of all sites analyzed is the least help to position.
  • Side of photography, Flickr is the overall winner. Their profiles are always placed in the top positions.

Moreover, we have profiles on services like Foursquare, DailyMotion, Digg, Fotolog, StumbleUpon and Diigo, usually do not appear in the top results.

However, the importance of well throw our name when searching through Google, is that many companies use the search engine to, say, learn a little more employees or future additions. A negative result can put in an unfavorable position to the human resources department.

Besides take time to update our information on the profiles of the different services and social networks where we are registered, there are two useful tools to protect our reputation.

The first part of Google Dashboard . We just have to login with your Gmail account and locate the “Me on the Web”, from there we can manage some of the information shown in the search results when using our name.

The other is a tool Norton -si, the antivirus, which will help us further improve the positioning of our name, to protect our and online. Now that you know, do not waste more time and spend a few minutes to reinforce your name on the network.

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