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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Internet |

Cookies, cookies a complete manager for Chrome

Cookies, cookies a complete manager for Chrome

On more than one occasion we have dedicated Bitelia few minutes to talk about the cookies , ie, that trail as a file that is stored on your computer and serves to maintain our open meeting on Facebook or for the ads we display on a Website marry our own searches or browsing history we have done. Properly manage this information is important, to avoid being tracked and keep safe the sessions that have open, a task that we can perform deleting browser (option “more radical”) or controlling them with some kind of plugin or application that allows us to be more selective, for example, an application for called Cookies .

Cookies is an interesting application for Google Chrome (for application and extension) that offers a complete control panel to keep cookies on Chrome. With this application can view the cookies that we maintain, their type (if you are persistent, if you are sitting in secure sessions, etc.), search through cookies we keep, make changes or apply criteria “white list” on which admit (and delete the rest).

In the case of Google Chrome extensions as we find Edit this Cookie that allow us to monitor these files, however, I find it much easier Cookies handling and presentation of information much clearer. Thanks to this application we will be complicated change the expiration date of the cookies we maintain, select those that we think are important (delete the rest), make a backup of specific cookies or, in case you want to explore your options, make changes in cookies or on their properties.

Worth installing the application and take a look at the cookies we can store in our team as a first step to manage them properly.

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