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Posted by on Aug 4, 2012 in Economy and Business, Technology |

Copying Apple Samsung in three pictures

Copying Apple Samsung in three pictures

The relationship between and is extremely strange. What for years was one of the most important component suppliers became one of the main competitors of the Cupertino company.

Today Samsung is the leading manufacturer of Android devices, which is the number one competitor of IOS and the line of smartphones Galaxy is probably the greatest threat to the iPhone .

Claims and judgment between Apple and Samsung is important and unprecedented provider Samsung Apple still is, many of the devices they sell used components of one of its main competitors. And also one of the main reasons why Samsung is it so easy to copy. They have knowledge, from within, from the same production lines, how to make smartphones and other devices that resemble the iPhone.

That’s why much of the evidence shown by the two parties is so interesting. And in the process, Apple has provided as evidence three images that illustrate how Samsung has systematically copied their devices.

Indeed, some of the public statements of representatives of Apple pretty well summarize the current state of production of Samsung:

Samsung chose to copy, not innovate

And I could not agree more.

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