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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

Copyright Alert System: U.S. users will receive notices of illegal downloads

Copyright Alert System: U.S. users will receive notices of illegal downloads

Under the acronym CAS hides, Copyright Alert System, the new platform infringement warnings about copyright on the net that is about to be launched in the United States. Within weeks, users will be warned by their suppliers if they download copyrighted material.

This was announced from the Center for Copyright Information in the country, a proposal that was launched in 2011 based on an alert system through which users will receive notices of violation of copyright in the network through its ISP.

The imminent arrival of this platform means that from this winter could be warned users with initial purely informational messages, in case of recidivism, providers may take additional measures that vary depending on the ISP. The punishment for those who refuse to change their “behavior” varies and can range from a reduction of the contracted rate to the suspension of the subscription if the ISP will reflect on the new terms of contracts that are about to be drafted. A formula in which the user must pay the amount of $ 35 in the case of requesting a review of the alert displayed by Copyright Alert System.

CAS has already been announced by the country’s major ISPs like AT & T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon, who will be the first to implement it.

And how the system detects violations? The platform informs illegal discharges a mixture in which the work is conjugated operators and supplied by MarkMonitor automated processes. Yes, from the Center for Copyright (CIS) have made clear that both rights holders MarkMonitor itself will not have the ability to obtain personal information of customers. According CIS:

is designed to make consumers aware of the activity that has occurred in the use of their internet accounts, educate them on how they can avoid such activity and that does not happen again, and provide information on the number increasing ways to access digital content legally.

A new proposal to be implemented in a few weeks and that, at least in principle, seems designed to inform users rather than punishing.

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