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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Mobile |

Core Monitor: Resource monitor our iOS terminal

Core Monitor: Resource monitor our iOS terminal

Monitoring is one of the issues we have discussed on more than one occasion, both to ensure that our web sites are still active , monitor our network traffic or check availability of our servers and the services they support. Its application in the operation management systems or web services, it is not uncommon for users to monitor the status of their equipment (temperature, CPU utilization, memory occupied RAM, etc) or even their smartphones and tablets avoid, for example, without running out of memory or battery in the most critical moment.

It was some days we did not speak of and its ecosystem of applications, a wide variety of applications available on the App Store among which we highlight Core Monitor , with which we can monitor key aspects of our iPhone.

What information offers Core Monitor? One of the first details to keep in mind is that this application, besides being free, does not require that we have done the jailbreak to the terminal, an important detail because such applications abound in official store but, yes, the application only allow us to monitor the terminal but take action on it (such as “kill” processes, to cite one example).

Given these details, the application provides us with a kind of panel to review information in a glance, the amount of RAM that we use and the processes that are consuming this resource estimates of the burden of our Battery (indicating usage time we have left if we use the Wi-Fi, if we execute specific processes, if we listen to music, etc.), the storage space we have available, the processes that are running on the terminal (yes, no chance to stop them) and CPU consumption they entail.

While the application does not allow the user to stop a particular process or perform an optimal configuration to save battery, it’s worth checking out to see, quickly, the state of our terminal and behavior of the applications we have installed.

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