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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Technology |

Cornell University students develop an autonomous robot that clears slate

The robot is present in many areas of our daily lives as we can see robots in large production lines in operating rooms and hospitals , in orthopedic prostheses and even already present in the car thanks to Google. Typically these are the “major projects” which often capture the attention of the general public about the impact that they have but, within the university, also carried out academic projects rather curious. Within the course work of a course on microcontrollers that are taught at the Cornell University , a pair of students has developed a small robot that is able to delete, independently, a blackboard .

Le Zhang and Michael Lathrop, both students at Cornell University, decided to apply the knowledge acquired in the course on microcontrollers and dealt the final course project to build a robot. The robot rotates around an ATmega644 microcontroller from Atmel and its mission is one of the routines that will surely have all seen it done more than once when a class starts: the incoming teacher erases the board because the previous class teacher forgot delete (which used to happen a lot in my classes as a student).

With that, the students decided to find some way to automate this process and designed a small robot that through a magnet, is capable of adhering to the surface of the board (must be metal) and cross it (from top to bottom and a side to side) to be left completely clean (with the idea of automating this activity and thus cause the robot to clean in the range of time between class and class). One of the things that most attracts the attention of this robot unique is its frame since the structure of the robot (which is responsible for housing the electronics and the draft that is used for cleaning) has been made with pieces of Lego .

While this robot is set away from projects like PETMAN is a good example that illustrates some of the projects that we can enter the world of and microcontroller programming.

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