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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Internet |

Covertir your “new tab” in Chrome in an operations center

The New Tab page is one of those great ideas that despite having a relatively short time-after all the tabbed browsing is something new – has evolved over the years.

For example, in Chrome, the browser in which this article focuses, first applications were introduced and later changed the page, becoming a place pretty quickly access not only to them but also our most visited pages and recent closed.

However, not everyone just convinced the way the elements are arranged, and thought the page might give more of themselves. Fortunately, there are many alternatives in the form of extension, and Awesome New Tab Page is one of them.

Only suitable for the more exijentes and for those who prefer a new tab page overloaded, this extension allows you to replace the default page for a complete hub from which you can launch applications, links, see the current time, know the weather, and others.

The real power lies in the widgets ANTP, easily downloadable from own extension and that anyone can contribute by sending your ideas and developments in HTML5 at the official site. For more information, visit the page .

ANTP is also very easy to order, and can deliver all the content we want to add to convenience with a simple mouse gesture.

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