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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Social Networks |

Cowbird: the art of storytelling

Cowbird: the art of storytelling

If we read that Cowbird is a “new platform to publish content online”, our first thought is “why?”, if we know thousand services that allow exactly that, why would we want another? And just in the details are the big differences. aims to recover stories, we all have stories to tell, not from the point of view of today, which is already done, and well, systems such as Facebook and Twitter, but from the experience relaxed and from the personal experiences of each. And this applies as well to both stories we share with our loved ones, as experiences that count as evidence of the relevance of the society in which we are.

The story of a moment that September 11 a girl first person join other stories ( It’s sticky in here or just thoughts , where Cowbird seems to put our hands on a perfect tool to count to a community of readers who already not looking for the latest breaking news, but simply a story of the kind that we all have to tell. Sometimes we just need to find the space to come out.

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Cowbird works with what he calls Sagas: that would be an issue as areas where it is proposed to have them around the experiences and testimonies. For example the series “Occupy” brings together the stories of people in the September 17, 2011 planted a camp in Zucotti Park and called on others to join them. The saga “First Loves” meets, of course, those stories that lovers never tire of telling.

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The stories they catch from the first contact, because they start with a big picture in full screen. The design is very smart and leaves us lost in all these stories. In each of the publications can give them public or private visibility. taggearlas, indicate place and date, and in turn will relate to other stories. We have, as expected, to give like buttons, share this on (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and more), and we can spend our stories special someone. Cowbird also offers statistics, and by default all stories are under Creative Commons.

What I love about Cowbird is really for creating multimedia items, because it gives us the opportunity to further incorporate text and photos, sound, subtitles, maps, create relationships between people and characters. Cowbird was released in January 2012 and still only be accessed by invitation, which can be ordered on their website.

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