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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Windows |

Creating a custom installation and unattended Windows 8

Creating a custom installation and unattended Windows 8

We’ve said it many times. No matter who likes it, is a product of 2012. Why? Because it is the product that is imposed on Windows 7, earlier version of Microsoft operating system, which now is the most popular desktop operating system used, with rates well above the Mac OS X and Linux distributions, the following in the list.

The launch occurred in October, not without controversy since the Metro interface, perhaps the biggest news to visually incorporating the system fails to convince. Its success remains to be seen if the sales figures that we have seen are quite promising, and no doubt that server will prevail to Windows 7.

Have you ventured to install the operating system? In Bitelia ‘ve covered since its release prior to installation tips, in order to consider whether it is appropriate or not to acquire an upgrade, and configuration optimization tips, and of course a lot of utilities and applications native to Windows 8, which is that this is another novelty, the Metro apps. Today we go back directly to the installation.

WinReducer 8 is an ideal program. As he did nLite Windows XP, [WinReducer 8 enables us to create a custom installation and lightening Unattended Windows 8 system and including only those components that you want. The result is not only a lighter and faster in many cases, but much more free disk space.

is also a portable app, so you can try it now and discover its benefits, applicable to both 32 and 64 bit Windows 8.

Once we have downloaded, unzip and run. Need an original ISO Windows 8, which it should not cost much to get and that is perfectly legal-for use beyond the trial period will need to have a license from Microsoft, yes. After selecting the version of Windows choose a folder to mount, and directly passed to a screen with several lists for system components:

  • Accessories
  • Sources
  • Languages
  • Drivers
  • Network Components
  • Services

And so on. For you to see the level of customization, we can choose to system options that are available, in addition to other elements added as customizing the desktop or system start.

Once we have completed all the steps in the wizard, simply use the Save option ISO and start the process of creation. Who could ask for more?

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