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Creating invitations to events from internet

Creating invitations to events from internet

At some point in our virtual lives, we will have met with a service to create events. Today is the best way to summon visitors to whatever you’re organizing, and as advanced tools that allow us to configure payment and registration. These tools are ideal not only for Community Managers or persons working in event, but even to the ordinary user who wants to organize a birthday party. Today we’ll be reviewing the different options we have to create online events.

Some of the tools that we will mention here are not available in all countries. We will clarify this in each so there are no doubts. Some, on the other hand, can be used on an international basis but have certain limitations, such as payment tools that are available. All this will vary according to the regulations of the country you are.

Facebook Events

We have to start with Facebook events, not because we give too many options, but because they have the ability to viralizarse much more than an event on any other platform. With the user base is Facebook, as well as the possibilities of inviting our friends and people we know who will be interested, also has the ease of use that characterizes all functions of Facebook, and that makes it very simply create an event in a few minutes.

These are all the advantages, but now we have to think of the disadvantages. Facebook does not allow us to add payment options if we have an event with tickets, and we have the small matter of who will actually come. It should be mea culpa and admit that not always tell the truth when we press Attending. If you are organizing an event for which we need yes or yes how many attendees we have, then it is a tool for us. But it’s so easy to use that you can use to promote the event on social networks, adding a link to the recording of the event in the body of the invitation.


Recently mentioned implementing Eventbrite for iOS as one essential that every community manager should have on your iPhone . However, the options offered from the desktop computer can also be highly leveraged. allows us, as we can guess, create events, with many options to customize and to sell tickets.

With Eventbrite can create custom pages of events, with the option to add logos, links, images and even submit tickets with bar codes so guests can print. In addition, invitations can be accessed from the mobile web, a must today. Finally, the payment options are varied and include credit cards, Google Checkout and PayPal.

To promote our event, Eventbrite also offers a wide range of options. We import our contact list to send personalized invitations, and spread through social networks to impact certain. Best of all this is that Eventbrite is a statistical tool that allows us to see how successful are these invitations.

Finally, you have options to control the number of attendees from both a computer and from the phone. With the invitations with bar codes are passed: we can use our cell entry event invitations to scan people as they arrive and check that they are legitimate. Of course, all these features come at a price, but it is not fanciful: there is a price for every ticket we issue for an event, for example, but without creating an event of payment options is complimentary.


Within the same line as we have another international service Eventbrite, Eventzilla . In the same way that the tool allows us to create custom events, which may be free input or inputs pay. Herein lies the difference in use: requiring ticket sales must be paid to Eventzilla. The free events can use the functionality without paying.

The tool used by payment is PayPal and credit cards, so we have somewhat limited options but still just as effective. We encourage you to look at the official website before because the rates vary according to the country, even if it is an international service. With Eventzilla can create events that confirmations are sent via email as a PDF, with bar codes to identify each ticket sold.

You can also send invitations, although not as personalized email, an easy way for guests to RSVP without too much trouble. Finally, it also has features for sharing on Facebook and Twitter, social networks that undoubtedly will bring more traffic.


We ended the “international” this list DoAttend , a very interesting service that is easy to use and has a very attractive interface. With can create events and sell tickets in addition to offer discounts to people who are interested in attending. The user registration is also a good way to create a database for our clients or for ourselves, with custom options to gather information.

Events are created via a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) so should not be difficult to create them. We can also create custom URLs for our event, and the ability to add maps through Google Maps. A must, of course, the ability to share our page on the major social networks.

Another option that we use DoAttend interesting is the possibility of adding customizations as special banners, tickets and specially designed with our logo or brand image. Finally, it is optimized for mobile devices, which will be more than useful to further disseminate the event.

Strengthen me is a Spanish service which also allows us to create events. Its features are divided into three sections: publication, promotion and administration. Regarding the publication, we can create events Strengthen me quickly, whether public or private, read the comments that may have potential attendees, and add photos, videos and other trifles to make them more attractive.

On the side of the promotion, we can send invitations to contacts in Facebook and Twitter, and related publications can be made in social networks. For mobile devices, we offer generate QR codes that lead to the event, while events can be added to the public agenda of the site for more exposure.

Finally, in the admin panel we can add more information about the event, customize our site with special designs, send messages and reminders to confirmed attendees, manage the guest list so we know how many people will come, and limit the number of participants so we are not overwhelmed, among other things. This service is very simple and easy to use.


I left my favorite for last. Eventioz is a service that is currently available in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico, and allows us to create simple but attractive events where we can perform a wide range of activities such prompting. The main attraction lies in its simplicity Eventioz.

Create an event is simple: we have to select a template you want to design, which later can be personalized with images and colors. The event can be updated by adding information to go on the speakers, guests, news and calendar, among other things.

Another interesting aspect is that you can embedded in the website you have for the company or for the event, allowing users to have easy access to registration. As promotional tools, we offer the personalized mailings as invitation, importing contacts, campaigns and timing statistics in social networks.

Finally, we can also Eventioz ticket sales, with different types of tickets and securities, with special discounts, and the best thing is that they have their own payment system to avoid having to use other services. Thus, using Eventioz may charge and the money can be deposited directly into our bank account.

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